Company Director Dr. Paul D. Stewart has over twenty years experience working in Wildlife Films and Documentary.  Before that he was a wildlife biologist with Oxford's prestigious Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.

He is known for the diversity of techniques mastered, from high speed and long lens to macro and infra red. He has filmed and directed in key wildlife locations in more than 40 countries, from the deep caves of Lechuguilla to the Rainforests of Papua New Guinea. 

Credits include landmark films such as BBC/Discovery's Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Galapagos, Yellowstone and Life Stories. Awards for Cinematography and Producing, include Primetime Emmy's,  RTS, BAFTA's, Best of Festival awards, and Guild of Television Cameramen Awards for Excellence.

With this experience at our core, we are well placed to advise on the content, practicality and and method for a natural history shoot. We have also recently contracted to research and advise the BBC Natural History Unit and WildHorizons Films on major kit purchase decisions.

With extensive contacts throughout the industry our company can consult and supply Lighting Cameramen and assistants on the basis of their specialist expertise and temperament for almost any job in Natural History Filming. Though our contacts with the Department of Zoology in Oxford we can provide detailed scientific support.

Award winning cameramen are available on site in North America and Europe, and Fixers and Naturalist Consultants available on every continent. 

Whether you need specialist inserts for a larger feature, a budget promotional piece, or are considering a primetime documentary, we are here to help.